Position system

The BK Medicare rank system consists of 7 levels, from staff to executives. The biggest goal of BK people is to immerse all the support in their work fields so that they can grow into experts. Rather than evaluating by seniority, we help motivate employees by rewarding and evaluating individual efforts and performance.


Welfare benefits system
Reliable BK
We guarantee the life of the BK people.
We guarantee the life of BK people by providing lunch and dinner, providing support for children's school expenses,
and providing various allowances. In order to focus on growth as an expert, BK's life is protected.
  • Children's scholarship and scholarship support
    (elementary, middle, high school, university)
  • Selected as a designated
    industrial service personnel
  • Internal and
    external training support related to work
  • Provide on-site and job allowance
  • Lunch and dinner provided
  • Shuttle bus operation in Yangsan
Pleasant BK
We support the fun and happy life of BK people.
Excellent employee awards and reward vacations, congratulations and condolences, etc.
are operated to enable a more enjoyable and lively life.
  • Excellent employee commendation and reward vacation system
  • Various condolence payment support and congratulatory leave system
  • Family Invitation Event
  • Holiday gift payment