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Company Introduction

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A good and strong global company

BK Medicare Co., Ltd. was born with the corporate philosophy of creating the right products for consumers that cannot be produced by other companies based on the manufacturing capability of disposable band production facilities of the parent company, Bukon Autosys, established in 1988. Based on the automation equipment technology of BK Medicare Co., Ltd., we promise to supply products at reasonable prices through low defect rates and increased production efficiency. In the future, we will grow into a large company that can dominate business worldwide through R & D.

4 major strengths of BK Medicare

Product Manufacturing / Development
Development of equipment that can
produce products that meet
consumer preferences based on Bukon Autosys
Patent technology
Patents for inserting
shovel papers Various patents such
as hydrocolloids with thin edges
Product development process
Product development
with self-production
equipment technology
Cost Reduction
Minimize defect rate through
self-produced position control device
of band production equipment
Management philosophy

A global company that communicates and harmonizes
based on core technology and family-friendly management

Management philosophy